MERCY McCOY will be playing at Skippers Smokehouse on June 27th in support of their friend, producer, and Collin's uncle Stephen Connelly. In addition to being a beloved producer based in St.Petersburg, FL and owner of Zen Recording Studios, Steve cut his teeth with several great bands. Most notably, Connelly joined British singer/songwriter Steve Robinson in the highly acclaimed band The Headlights. While their music and records were well received, The Headlights and Connelly found stardom touring as the backing band for the hugely famous Roger McGuinn of The Byrds, and playing the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Steve is battling Liver Disease and his friends, family, and the greater Tampa Bay music community are raising money to help with his medical treatments, and approaching (hopefully) liver transplant. MERCY McCOY joins many great acts on the bill to help support Steve during his time of need. 

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