Thank You, 2016

With the new year upon us, we wanted to take a moment to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has continued supporting our music through the years, and especially in 2016. It was a really exciting year for us, playing at some of our favorite venues, and getting to perform on evenings headlined by the likes of Willie Nelson, Steven Tyler, Bonnie Raitt, and more. We split bills with some of our local favorites this year, which included Have Gun Will Travel, Ed Woltil & The Loaded Question, Joshua Reilly, and many more Tampa Bay Area icons. In short, it's been a great year of solid shows, growth, and support from you; Our fans.

We were thrilled to end the year on a high note with such a great turn out to see us perform with Kristopher James and Will Erickson at The Hideaway Cafe' in St.Petersburg–– The best listening room in Florida. They put on a great show, and you, our friends, family, and fans, were a great audience.

So, what does 2017 hold for Mercy McCoy?

  • Our second full length studio release is slated to hit shelves, airwaves, and streaming platforms this Summer. We'll start releasing some teasers and begin debuting some new tunes at shows this spring.
  • A continually expanding list of shows which we are hoping will include Chicago, New Orleans, New York, as well as some continued growth with our favorite venues around our home towns.
  • Early 2017 shows include us opening one of the evenings that Van Morrison tours through Tampa Bay (1/18), A featured songwriter showcase, and hopefully a few festivals that we'll announce soon as well.

Happy New Year, Thank You, and We Love You!

Stef, Collin, Eddie, Justin, Ed, Dan, and Steve

Mercy McCoy celebrates with Have Gun Will Travel

Mercy McCoy had the honor of opening Have Gun Will Travel's 10 anniversary festival on Friday night with a 10 song set at Ybor City's New World Brewery.

Have Gun Will Travel have set a precedent for being a bit unprecedented. The band just celebrated their 10 year anniversary, which in itself is atypical for a band that could still be deemed "local." Despite the time spent on their families and careers outside of music, Have Gun Will Travel is an almost household name in Florida, and are well known nationally. Thanks to a string of commercial successes– which includes literal commercial success with their songs being licensed for TV commercial spots– Have Gun Will Travel has toured and endured, and celebrated in true Tampa style last weekend with a two night showcase at two of Tampa's favorite venues.

The night was pretty surreal for me, and I think just pure fun for the rest of the crew. Have Gun Will Travel was a name I knew and associated with "making it" growing up in the Tampa Bay Area. So, being asked to open for them on their ten year anniversary was pretty special for me personally, and I think exciting and fun for the band as a whole. Current members of the Mercy McCoy lineup– Dan Degregory, Ed Woltil, & Steve Connolly– are Tampa Bay Area legends in their own right, and well known/respected by HGWT. Connolly, like with Mercy McCoy, produced Have Gun Will Travel's debut album, which added an extra level of nostalgia to the night.

We not only enjoyed our set, we enjoyed being around a group of laid back, down to earth professionals, that also happen to be great songwriters and performers. We are grateful to have been involved, and also want to say thank you to Broken Mold entertainment of Tampa, for having us on the bill. We always enjoy working with that group, and look forward to continuing to be a part of the musical community and history in our town.

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Strange Dreams Can Come True

We bootlegged ourselves doing a duo version of one of our favorites

What do you do when you're original drummer comes to town and wants to rehearse his favorite tune? Turn up the amp vibrato, push the vocals to the back, and let the drums do the talking. We don't think it's too shabby for a two man practice and an iPhone recording. We hope you enjoy hearing it even half as much as we enjoyed playing it.

Why Now?

GreyMarket is another Tampa/St.Pete based act of which we have been fans for going on a decade. They are a duo, and are about to release their 4th studio album this weekend, May 7th, 2016, in Ybor City. We thought releasing a duo version of a Mercy McCoy tune would be a cool way to pay some homage to a band that has been an a real inspiration as we have grown over the years. These guys are polished, exciting, and are really exceptional songwriters. They are true showmen, and their performances are "all-in" every time. We are excited about their new record, and thought it would be fun to tip our hats with this "bootleg."

More on Justin...

Goodbye isn't the right word. If you weren't following our social media earlier this year, you wouldn't know that we have said a sad (and hopefully temporary) farewell to Justin Stoddard as the original drummer in our starting line up. Justin reluctantly took a hiatus from the group in mid January 2016 to pursue his life's other passion in the Craft Brewing & Spirits world. Those close to Mercy McCoy know that Justin is a talented and nationally recognized Bartender/ Mixologist, which earned him an opportunity he couldn't refuse on the other West Coast.

We are hopeful that Justin will still be part of the formula, and we stayed true to that goal when he traveled through Tampa Bay in March (2016) for this session. Hopefully much more to come from the original Mercy McCoy line up in the coming months.

NPR's Tiny Desk Contest Video

The 2nd annual Tiny Desk Contest is underway from NPR Music and Lagunitas Brewing. The 2016 contest submission from Mercy McCoy was a live in-store performance of "Facing the Sun" at Daddy Kool Records in St.Petersburg, FL. 

Judges include:

  • NPR's Bob Boilen
  • NPR's Robin Hilton
  • Musical artist Son Little
  • Jesse Wolf & Holly Laesegg of the band Lucious
  • Dan Auerback of the Black Keys, and the Arcs

Winners are announced during the first week of March 2016, so please keep your finger's crossed!